Civilian Israeli Gas Mask


  • Manufactured by: Israeli Military

 Sold Out 
The civilian Israeli Gas Mask has been widely accepted as the highest quality military surplus gas mask. The Israeli gas masks are designed to protect civilians and soldiers from chemical weapon attacks.

The gas masks we sell are imported directly from Israel, with each gas mask coming with a brand new sealed filter. None of them have been worn or used, they come to us from Israel still sealed in their original packages. When purchased new in Israel, these gas masks cost over $100 each. You are getting the same quality gas masks at a fraction of that cost!
  • Features and Benefits: Intended for use during the EVACUATION from a contaminated area
  • Mask will filter out all nuclear, biological (anthrax and small pox), and chemical agents
  • Lightweight, with a comfortable secure fit and low breathing resistance
  • Specially formulated rubber material offers high resistance to NBC agents, superior comfort and durability
  • Impact resistant cylindrical plastic lenses with a wide field of vision
  • NATO-standard 40 mm threaded canister housing
  • Filters last up to 8 hours depending on level of contamination
  • Five-strap head harness with quick release buckles for easy donning and adjustment
  • Canteen-ready with safety connections for drinking in NBC environments
  • Use a full-body protective chemical suit  for additional protection in areas contaminated with deadly chemicals
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